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Old Pattern Republished

Hi guys! I noticed that the mobile version of the web site had some glitches and revamped the whole Pattern Page. Now you just has to click on the image to open the pattern on a PDF. I'm modifying all the patterns to PDF and adding them slowly to the web site.

So today I added one of my favorite old patterns: the Puerto Rican Hibiscus or Flor de Maga as we call it. The Maga is the Official Flower of Puerto Rico and my favorite flower. I designed it when I was going to be certified as an artisan by the Cultural Institute of Puerto Rico in 2008. It has long picots that are later joined with a crocheted chain to form the outline of the petals.

Puerto RIcan Hibiscus Maga

The pattern can be found on the Free Patterns Page. If you previously bookmarked the Patterns page, please update the bookmark as the name of the URL changed. This is the new URL:

I hope you enjoy the pattern and if you make it I'll love to see your hibiscus!

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