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BD Motif 2018 - Ice Drop

I have become addicted to ice drops. What are those? Ice drops are small motifs, tatted, crocheted or made in any other media, that have a glass gem or any other object encapsulated into it. There's an awesome group on FB that have members who share the same passion for these little motifs.

This year I wanted to do something a little different for my BD motif. I designed this ice drop a few months ago but couldn't write the pattern until now. It's done in one pass, that means that you won't need to cut to go from one round to another.

The gems I'm using can be found on the florist section of craft stores, the fish area of pet stores or dollar stores. They come in bags and the price range goes from $0.97 to $6.00. They come in several colors, some mixed tones or clear. Also the form (dome or round ones are the commonest) and size varies. I have a few that are around 1/2" in diameter and some others are as big as 2" in diameter. The one I use the most are 3/4" in diameter and are dome shaped, the back of the stone is flat. For this pattern you will need one of those. But if you don't have these gems you can use a button or even a coin. Some minors adjustments will be necessary on the base but the rest of the pattern won't need adjustments. The pattern will be discuss as part of the Super Bowl Sunday on Georgia Seitz's Tatting Classroom. Check the website for date and time for the special event.

So here is the pattern: BD Ice Drop 2018. Enjoy!

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