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4th Doctor's Scarf

Continuing with the Tat-A-Con of Palmetto's TatDay... On Friday night there's a banquet and this year will be a Costume's Parade and Contest. Because for that date I'll already be post-op of my bariatric surgery I wanted to do my first cosplay. As a Whovian, what better option than making the 4th Doctor's cosplay and because is a tatting event I wanted to do part of the cosplay in tatting and chose to tat the scarf. 😄

I got the kit from Unraveled Yarn Shop on Etsy. The yarn is Vanna's Choice and Deborah Norville's acrylic yarn. She also sent me a copy of the official pattern. The colors are perfect and the yarn is excellent quality. Although acrylic yarn is not recommended for tatting, as it gets all fuzzy and can be difficult to close rings when shuttle tat, these are working fine. I just have to remember not to tat to tight. The piece I have up to now (photo) is around 6 hours of work. I'm still tatting slow because of a cyst I have in my proximal first left index's joint and it's very painful. ☹️ But hopefully I'll have it finish for September's Tat-A-Con.

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