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Tat-A-Con 2017

Art Logo by Anitra Stone

Art by Anitra Stone

I'm so excited that this year I'll be going to Palmetto's Tat-Days. This year the theme is Tat-A-Con. Kinda Sci-Fi mixed with tatting. It's gonna be very cool! I'll be teaching 4 classes this year.

A Dream Catcher for beginners. It can be make with shuttle or needle. It uses 2 size of thread and students will learn how to make the curlicues. I will have kits available for this class. It will include the brass ring, a charm or a decorative button.

Another class suitable for beginners is this "hybrid" bracelet. I called hybrid because it's done with a shuttle and a needle. Yup! You will use both of them. If you know one and would like to learn the other then this class is perfect! Or if you know both of the techniques and want a challenge this is perfect for you!

This class will be really fun! It's a technique that I'm developing to look like Oya Igne. Oya Igne is a Turkish needle lace where a knot is done on a core thread. I've been practicing this kind of lace but the amount of thread that you can use at a time is limited, like needle tatting. You can't cut more than 2-3 yards of thread at the time or you risk your thread to got knotted, dirty or fuzz. So I'm realizing this using a full-filled shuttle. I will present several works done in Oya Igne and Tatted to compare them side to side. This class is a little more advance (Level 2= Intermediate) and requires knowledge of Knotless Double Stitch/Split Chains (or Catherine Wheel Joins). You will need to bring a homework for the class. Although this class is for shuttle tatters, needle tatters can join if they fill comfortable using a needle as a shuttle for the "knotting" part.

And last, but not least, I'll be teaching the Birthday Angel 2017. This one is for Intermediate tatters as well and is done with a shuttle. You will learn how to make the "petal" and as a bonus will learn how to make SSSR (Single Shuttle Split Ring) AKA Folded Rings and a few variations with different picots for the halo, a variation with tatted wings and a variation with hands. I will have kits available for this class and will include 4 wings, 2 pairs of earrings hooks and a few beads (random color) to play with the halo. Linda Riff will teach a flower using this technique, so if you can't make it to one then go to the other or you are welcome to take both as we have some tiny differences in the elaboration of the technique.

In total this year Palmetto's Tat-A-Con will have 17 teachers and 34 classes to choose from for all kind of levels: Beginners to Advance. Plus there's always someone willing to teach you to tat if you don't know how. Registration will open this Sunday 6/11. Check their website for more information and for the photos of the other classes that will be taught.

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