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BD Heart 2002

This is the heart that started it all. Since 2002 I have been sharing with my tatting friends an original design for my birthday. The motif is part of the Special Event of th SuperBowl

Sunday on the Online Tatting Class. It's a fun way to ignore the Football SuperBowl and spend some time with friends talking about tatting and eating chocolate.

Through all those years I have lost several hard drives, web crashes and other not so pretty moments and have lost a lot of the designs online. I'll try to gather them all and will publish them in a book plus other new designs. I'm still missing the design of 2005 which I published it while I was living in Egypt and I remember send it for the class. So if anyone has that one and you can send me a message I'll appreciate it! You can contact me via the page or email me.

Meanwhile you can find the pattern for this one on the Pattern page. I would love to see what you do with it. Have fun!

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