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A Blast from the Past

This week Sherry Townsend posted on her blog about this photo. She couldn't remember who took it and was looking for the person. Well, she finally found who was the photographer and it was me! I sent her the photo back then on an email, among other photos I took that year. t was the 1st Palmetto Tat Day on 2003. The first time for me for a lot of things! I first met Riet as I picked her up at the Atlanta airport a couple of days before Palmetto. It was also her first time in USA. That year was also the first tatting convention I participated and I did it as a teacher! I was so nervous! I was practically "new" on the tatting scene and meeting other tatters that are veterans in the tatting world... I mean... It's was just mind blowing and a big honor to teach that year.

Me, Riet and Sherry

Here we are! Left to right: Me, Riet and Sherry. This is one of the most pretty photos. We have had known for a long time online and that night at last we met in person. *sigh* So many beautiful memories! Some friends are not longer with us, some have drifted away and some the names has been forgotten but their faces and the shared moments are going to be always in my heart.

Here are just a few photos of that year. I'll try to dig some more and will post them.

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