Binging and Tatting

Lately I've been binging on the anime Death Note. Goodness! That anime left me... I mean, what can I said when your emotions are so conflicted as the main character. I really loved it although I think it would have been better if they finished a season with Episode 25 and then make a new season with the rest of the story line. The last characters, Near and Mellow were interesting enough to make a whole season. Oh well... I'll watch the movies soon as I started binging already on The Crown. Just because Matt Smith is in it. ^u^

And while I'm watching TV I can't keep doing nothing else. So while watching the last 4 episodes of Death Note today I managed to do a few snowflakes. Aren't they pretty?

They are available at my Shops. So let see what I'll do tomorrow while binging on The Crown.

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