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Hang in there, Healing Lace is coming!

Recently one of my friend gave me the news that she has breast cancer again. A year ago she had treatment and a double mastectomy. Now they discovered that in the last surgery 5 nodes where left unnoticed and she has the cancer back. We all know what that means to the pocket of the family. I have been struggling myself with medical bills that are growing each day more. We have been talking both on how we're going to do laces and sell them to pay the bills. I was already contemplating this idea a couple of month back to help another good friend.

Gosh, here we are 2 talented women with tons of medical bills to pay and we think about helping, not only us, but the other. So here where we decided to join effort and talent to help us and others that need help paying medical bills. That's the name of Healing Lace: Art that gives Life. We are going to open soon a shop to sell Awareness ribbons, ornaments and other items, totally handmade by excellent master artisans in several laces like crochet, tatting, macrame, etc. The funds will be to pay medical bills. We're not asking for donations, although they are welcome, but we'll be offering you an opportunity to get some beautiful handmade lace work, done with the utmost quality and they money will go into helping that artist.

So, hang in there, healing lace is coming soon!

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